Revel In the Luxury of Marble Bathroom Tiles in Your Oakville Home

Luxury, From the Quarry...
Marble is found – and quarried – all over the world. Italy's Carrara marble is famous for its white or blue grey colour and is used in statues. Ireland is the source of Connemara marble – green, of course. In the United States, Vermont and Georgia have their own iconic marble.
Metamorphosed limestone, marble has been popular since ancient times. It is soft and malleable. Sculptors love it because of its resistance to shattering and (especially with Carrara marble) the translucent way it holds the light, creating a waxy, living look. Because of its use in statues and monuments, as well as gracing some of our most important public buildings and churches, marble has developed an image of refinement and taste.
Any variety would be wonderful additions to your Oakville home in the form of bathroom tiles, counters and backsplashes.
… To the Bathroom,
Strange, then, to think that one of the most popular areas for marble in the home is now the bathroom! But it makes sense. It adds luxury and an element of utility to the room. Marble tiles are available in a wide range of colours, though most floor ones are in more neutral shades, such as cream and beige. As such they can create a sense of space in the bathroom and, because of the hardness of its surface, contain any water spillage.
However, hey are not perfectly functional . Marble floors maintain a cooler temperature and can be cold during the winter. Some bathroom installations include radiant floor heat. And that lovely smooth surface can become very slippery when wet.
… To the Backsplash
One great compromise is to use marble in the bathroom for the vanity counter and backsplash. Boldly patterned backsplashes are the perfect complement to neutral walls. Or, reverse that, and let your imagination run free with wall colour and calm the room with a white marble sink and backsplash. With marble fixtures, the same smoothness that holds water and makes the floor slippery can make the counter and backsplash a cinch to clean. And you've still got that wow factor.
Marble, like all stone, has maintenance requirements. It must be sealed, and cleaned with a mild detergent or product designed for marble. On the other hand, a large sheet of marble is much easier to clean than a stone with a grouted surface.
Oakville is a Great Source for Marble
Oakville, and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) have a number of reputable stone importers. The smart move is to seek out a specialist, with a proven track record. Visit their showrooms and see what variety of the product is available. The best companies will offer a stunning array of marble that will suit any design choice you are contemplating. Companies with a track record – who have been in business a while – will also have learned the nuances of customer satisfaction. Marble – whether for flooring or counters and backsplashes – is expensive and requires a lot of planning. The top stone dealers will explain the very different qualities of the different marble they have in stock. And when it comes time to purchase the bathroom tiles for your Oakville home, they will do more than sell the stone to you; they can arrange for the installation.